My success and enjoyment of homebrewing would not be possible without the advice and encouragement from the brewers on the e-mail Home Brew Digest. Never has there been a more helpful worldwide group of friends to exchange and debate information on one hobby.

Nor would any of this have been possible without the good-natured indulgence of my wife, Naomi. I will never forget the time I spilled a gallon and a half of wort into the dining room carpeting. When she got home later on and I explained what had happened, her first question was, "Was (the beer) ruined?". Thank you, Sweetie.

I would like to thank my friends Norm Pyle and Martin Lodahl for a lot of help and advice in preparing this book- they provided the impetus and early reviews that I needed to get this project off the ground. Many thanks also to Jim Liddil, Glenn Tinseth, Maribeth Raines, Steve Alexander, Chris White, Dave Logsdon, Rob Moline, Patrick Weix, Don Put, Dave Draper, AJ Delange, Laurel Maney, Jim Busch, George and Laurie Fix, Jeffrey Donovan, Guy Gregory, Brian Kern, Ken Schwartz, Dan Listermann, and Jeff Renner for contributing their knowledge to the Sanitization, Hops, Yeast, Water, Malts, Mashing, Lautering, and Recipe chapters.

My sincere thanks to Stephen Mallery, Deb Jolda, and all the wonderful people of New Wine Press for their guidance and commitment to the project and the opportunities they gave me as a beer writer. The legacy of Brewing Techniques is priceless.

I am especially indebted to Glenn Tinseth for his many, many hours of editing the drafts of this work, both for checking my technical accuracy and for improving my writing by an order of magnitude. His contributions have turned this compilation of facts and procedures into a book worth reading. Thank you.

Finally, a big thanks to all of the hard working people at The Real Beer Page and Real Branding for hosting the online version of this book. From the very beginning of this project I have wanted to share this information with the world, and they have enabled me to do that.