Chapter 1

A Crash Course in Brewing

Read On! Brew On!

f you want to learn more about brewing beer - how it works, why it works, and how to have fun creating your own recipes and taking on advanced techniques - then I encourage you to keep reading. The next chapters in this book will lead you through extract brewing again, but this time with more explanation. They include descriptions of the great variety of hops, yeast strains, and malts that can make each brewing session and every beer unique. In later chapters, I will teach you how to brew beer from scratch, without extracts, using the malted barley itself. This kind of brewing really puts you in control of the final product, and many brewers find this "all-grain" type of brewing to be the most satisfying.

It is my sincere hope that this book will enable you to derive the same sense of fun and enthusiasm for this hobby that I have experienced, and that it will enable you to brew some really outstanding beer.

The next chapter describes brewing preparation in more detail. Good preparation is the most important step to assuring a successful batch.