Chapter 3

Malt Extract and Beer Kits

Finding a Good Kit


In addition to the name brand beer kits available, many of the better homebrew shops package their own kits and provide more comprehensive instructions. Kits assembled by homebrewers for homebrewers are probably the best way to get started. If your supply store does not offer this type of kit, you can assemble your own. The following is a basic ale beer and quite tasty. You will be amazed at the full body and rich taste compared to most commercial beers. More recipes and style guidelines are given in Section 4 - Formulating Recipes.

Beer (5 gallons)
5-7 pounds of hopped pale malt extract syrup. (OG of 1.038 - 1.053)
1-2 ounces of hops (if desired for more hop character)
2 packets of dry ale yeast, plus 1 packet for back-up.
3/4 cup corn sugar for priming.