Chapter 11

Priming and Bottling

Bottle Filling

The next step is filling the bottles. Place the fill tube of the bottling bucket or bottle filler at the bottom of the bottle. Fill slowly at first to prevent gurgling and keep the fill tube below the waterline to prevent aeration. Fill to about 3/4 inch from the top of the bottles. Place a sanitized cap on the bottle and cap. Many people will place the caps on the bottles and then wait to cap several at the same time. After capping, inspect every bottle to make sure the cap is secure.

Figure 66 - Bottling using a bottling bucket

Figure 67 - Bottling using a racking cane with bottle filler.

Age the capped bottles at room temperature for two weeks, out of the light. Aging up to two months can improve the flavor considerably, but one week will often do the job of carbonation for the impatient, it depends on the type and viability of the yeast.