Chapter 18

Your First All-Grain Batch

Additional Equipment

Mash/Lauter Tun

Sparge Water Pot (5 gallon minimum size)
Wort Boiling Pot (8 gallon size preferred)

Mash/Lauter Tun The easiest way to brew all-grain beer is to use a picnic cooler mash/lauter tun. I described how they can aid mashing and lautering in the last chapter, and instructions for building one are given in Appendix D. A 24 quart rectangular cooler or 5 gallon round beverage cooler are probably the best choices for 5 gallon batches. The illustrations that follow show the 24 quart rectangular cooler.

Sparge Water Pot You will need a large pot to heat your mash water and your sparge water. You can use your old 5 gallon brewpot for this, or you can purchase a larger 8 gallon pot. You will probably use 3 gallons of water for a typical mash, and you will probably need about 4 gallons of water for a typical sparge, so be forewarned.

Wort Boiling Pot You will need to get a new brewpot because you are going to be boiling the whole batch. You will need a pot that can comfortably hold 6 gallons without boiling over. An enamelware 8 gallon pot is the most economical choice.

Hydrometer You will want to purchase a hydrometer if you don't have one already. A hydrometer allows you to monitor the extraction process and its use is explained in Appendix A.